237.131 Glossary :

WHAKAPAPA: Geneology, a line of ancestor

IMAGINED COMMUNITIES: is the way people recognise the whole nation through media or perceptions. For example New Zealand as a whole country is seen by people oversees as laid back, green, and famous for rugby. However this ‘imagined community’ may not apply to every New Zealander.

TINO RANGATIRATANGA: a Maori term meaning ‘absolute sovereignty, power or self-govern.

‘’HE IWI TAHI TATOU’’: means ‘We are all one people’ greeted by William Hobson as chiefs came forward to sign the Treaty of Waitangi.

PONO: ‘true’ or ‘genuine’.

TAPU: Forbidden or taboo, sacred.

MANA: power, prestige or authority. A spiritual belief within a person, place or object.

TIKANGA: ‘Tika’ means ‘right’ or ‘correct. Tikanga has ranges of meaning such as culture, custom, ethic, manner, or style. In general, can mean the traditional way of doing things which are handed down through generation, in this context of Maori way.

TERRA NULLIUS:  a latin term meaning ‘nobody’s land’.

PRINCIPLES OF THE TREATY: A list of principles for the intentions and goals in the Treaty to achieve.



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