A2 : Week 8 Blog Task

  1. Select one of the examples of a representation of poverty or wealth in Aotearoa New Zealand in Dr. Greg Gilbert’s lecture. Upload an image of this example to your blog. Describe the example and the context in which it was made, then discuss it in relation to one of the key concepts Greg introduced in his lecture, using sources other than Greg to support your ideas. These sources may be ones that Greg references in his lecture (100 words).
123rf stock photos. N.t.N.d. Nelson Mail 2 June 2016. Web.


Greg Gilbert’s lecture discusses representations of poverty especially in New Zealand. The photograph above was an online photo taken from 123rf.com providing free photos which does not fully reveal the poverty in New Zealand. The photograph above was used in the Nelson Mail that discusses child poverty. The photograph shows the concept of children living in poverty. We see the hardship of the child as there is lack of shoes and care as the muddy feet imply that they cannot afford these neccessities. The photograph showcases a very heartbreaking aura as the photo is almost black and white which leads viewers to focus on the brown dirt and legs of the child. The vulnerability of the child is felt as we feel that the child deserves more. Although this may not be a specific representation in New Zealand it shows that there still is the unseen community of the children living in poverty such as no shoes or uniforms that their families could not afford.


Works Cited:

Gilbert, Greg. Poverty and Wealth. Creative Communication Lecture Week 8. Massey University, Wellington. 22 Aug. 2016. Lecture.

M O’Brien, Tapio Salonen. Child poverty and child rights meet active citizenship: A New Zealand and Sweden case study. ‎2008


2. Using Chapters 13 and 14 of Tangata Whenua: An Illustrated History, draw up a timeline of significant events in Aotearoa from the end of WW2 (1945) to the year of the ill-fated Sesquicentennial (1990). Your timeline should include at least 20 key moments, with the more noteworthy events highlighted to indicate their importance. Be creative in your approach.


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