A2: Week 10 Blog Task

  1. Inspired by Kerry Ann Lee’s lecture and Tze Ming Mok’s essay, create a piece of creative non-fiction in which you talk about your own cultural identity. You must make at least one connection with a significant moment in the history of Aotearoa (i.e. like Tze Ming Mok did with the attack on Chi Phung, the National Front protest, and the Seabed and Foreshore hīkoi), and you must draw from your own lived experience. (200 words)

I am a full Filipino. I was born and raised in Laguna, Philippines, a beautiful and calm province before moving in New Zealand at the age of 11 years old. Philippines is where most of my cherished memories are from. I had a great upbringing in Laguna where all the love from families and relatives are always. After moving to New Zealand as a child it gave huge culture shock, making me shyer and quieter. The transition of comfort was not quick as I had a slow time adapting to the new country. However after spending 9 years in Wellington, it gave me an opportunity to be open to others surrounding besides the Philippine culture I grew up in. In the year 2011, Wellington experienced many earthquake aftershocks where it gave nervous experiences. After experiencing an earthquake on a top level of a St. Mary’s College building it made me realise the safety New Zealand offers as I feel lucky to be in a country with great systems. Moving to New Zealand it opened bigger opportunities as people here are always friendly and accepting with lots of culture and diversity. It made me realise that I love to exploring and discovering new things without forgetting my own roots.


2. Go to the library and ask for one of the 237.131 2hour loan books. Find the name of a creative practitioner in that book, then search for that name on the book catalogue PCs (upstairs, Level B – don’t use Discover). Locate an image of their work (preferably in print) that fits with your creative writing. Scan this and upload it to your blog, remembering to include a caption.

Shin, April. Four Seeds,2001. Mixed Media on cardboard.800 x 1000mm. Courtesy of Warwick Henderson Gallery. Print.

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